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Building business cultures for uncertain futures

With the Brexit deadline fast approaching, and an uncertain future for the economy and business in the UK, businesses both small and large are asking how to brace themselves for future unknown changes. We spoke to OZKAN client, Simon Rickman, founder of PEAK Performance & Potential, on the topic of building business cultures that are […]

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Editing images with AI technology

How can creative industries benefit from the growth of artificial intelligence? What if there were ways to enhance creative projects, art, photography through the power of machine intelligence and AI? It’s a hot topic in the world of AI. Art appeals to emotion – a quality that AI does not have. And yet, using data-driven […]

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Christmas Pop Up Shop in Brighton

We’re delighted to be working with Junction Studio who are putting on a Christmas Pop Up Shop between 30th November and 23rd December. Looking for a unique Christmas gift for someone now that the Festive Season is approaching? Perhaps you’re tired of all your money going to controversial companies like Amazon or high street brands? […]

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Somali heritage meets digital innovation

It’s amazing how futuristic technologies have an unparalleled ability to help us better understand the traditional. History and heritage can be brought to life in new and immersive ways, meaning we get to experience it, understand it, and explore it in greater depth than ever before. Mnemoscene, a Brighton based company, are using immersive and […]

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