Brighton's leading accountants for freelancers and small businesses


Brighton & Hove accountants specialising in working with small businesses, digital companies and freelancers

OZKAN is Brighton & Hove's leading accountancy firm for freelancers, self-employed and small businesses. We are experts in implementing tailored digital accountancy solutions to businesses, ensuring they are compliant with upcoming changes in tax law related to Making Tax Digital, and also creating more efficient and effective workflows around accounting and bookkeeping.

Our aim

To enable you to focus on and achieve your business objectives, while we concentrate on the safe and effective care of your accounting and tax.

We provide a full range of accountancy services and bookkeeping for small businesses and freelancers, specialising in the digital and tech sectors.

Brighton based and with a vibrant and enthusiastic approach to business, we’re open, friendly and easy to work with. A trusted partner to help you more effectively reach your goals.


How we help

Most of our clients find keeping financial records and ‘doing the accounts’ amongst the most difficult and energy draining tasks they have to perform. Our specialism is taking that weight off people. A wide range of freelancers, sole traders, and small and medium sized businesses value having our expertise to call on.

Our range of services include business review and update meetings, easy-to-use accountancy software, ideas for better book keeping, and helpful reminders throughout the year about those unavoidable HMRC deadlines.

There’s no magic wand to wave away the financial records and year-end accounts that you legally have to prepare, but if you decide to have us on your team, we have ways to help make it all easier to keep on top of, swifter and less painful for you to manage.

Like you, we’re an integral part of our local business community. We’re based near Preston Circus and you’ll also regularly find us in client meetings in coffee shops across town, networking in the evening and at lunchtime and sponsoring business events.

Come and meet us and see how we can help change the way you feel about your business.

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  • "I had so much on in trying to build the business. I needed someone experienced and reliable to trust with the accounts. Working with Ozkan has been a revelation. They take the time to really get to know us as people, not just as a business. It's a brilliantly friendly process and they care about the business needs. Ozkan are friendly, personal, caring and best of all, they’re a really effective accountancy and we’ll continue to work "

    15gifts Ltd, Established in 2010

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  • "I approached Ozkan Accountants as I was recommended by a friend. They told me about Ozkan’s experience in the industry I work in and also how they work with freelancers. The advice and support they’ve given me has been excellent and I’ve seen year on year growth with lots of tax savings, and I take a lot of confidence in knowing that Ozkan will make sure my accounts are always in order."

    Bryan Kidd Ltd, Established 2012

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