Sole Trader

Uploading files to FreeAgent

Uploading files to FreeAgent It is possible to upload any files to FreeAgent for your reference later, or for reference by your Accountant. The files can be in any format up to 5MB in size. You start by clicking on Files at the top right hand side of the main overview screen, and following the […]

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Setting up FreeAgent

When you are setting up your FreeAgent, it is important that you enter all your company details correctly. See the following link for the reference. A couple of tips; Company Name This must be exactly as per the name on Companies House. Fill in your business address details This is referring to your business trading address […]

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Collection of student loan

Plan 1 Plan 1 is for: English and Welsh students who started before 1 September 2012 all Scottish and Northern Irish students You start repaying when you earn over £17,495. This amount changes on 6 April every year. Plan 2 Plan 2 is for English and Welsh students who started on or after 1 September […]

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Expenses charged to your clients – for VAT purposes, HMRC rules on disbursements

If you are reimbursed expenses from your client, the receipt is VAT applicable unless the expense meets the following rules from HMRC; ‘Before you treat a payment as a disbursement(no VAT applied), you’ll need to make sure all of the following apply: you paid the supplier on your customer’s behalf and acted as the agent of your […]

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