OZKAN Accountants

Uploading files to FreeAgent

Uploading files to FreeAgent It is possible to upload any files to FreeAgent for your reference later, or for reference by your Accountant. The files can be in any format up to 5MB in size. You start by clicking on Files at the top right hand side of the main overview screen, and following the […]

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How to add OZKAN Accountants to your FreeAgent

To add OZKAN Accountants to your FreeAgent as a user, see the following link for general instructions; The details you need from us are as follows; Login/email: First name:             OZKAN Last name:              Accountants NI Number:           (leave […]

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VAT registration limits

The current threshold for the tax year ending 05 April 2015 requires that businesses or sole traders register for VAT if their turnover over the previous 12 month period is more than £81,000 or will exceed this in the following 30 days. You need to monitor your turnover and contact us to discuss it if […]

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Rental Income from a property

Any rental income from a jointly owned property can be received as income by one or both owners in whatever split is agreed. Please discuss this with OZKAN if it applies to you. Rental income must be included as part of your personal tax return so make sure you give your accountant the details.

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