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Uploading files to FreeAgent

Uploading files to FreeAgent It is possible to upload any files to FreeAgent for your reference later, or for reference by your Accountant. The files can be in any format up to 5MB in size. You start by clicking on Files at the top right hand side of the main overview screen, and following the […]

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What are Management Accounts and Could I Benefit From Them?

If you are looking to grow your business and need a tool to help you, then management accounts could be the answer. What are Management Accounts? Management accounts are produced on a monthly basis, and comprise the following reports: A profit and loss report – this is a summary of your sales income less day-to-day […]

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How Does The New Lifetime ISA (LISA) Compare To Traditional Personal Pension Schemes?

Earlier this year, the government announced the introduction of a new tax efficient saving account, the Lifetime ISA (LISA). These accounts will be available from April 2017. This blog gives a brief overview of LISA’s, comparing them to personal pension schemes. LISA – A Brief Overview: The aim of a LISA is to help young […]

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Setting up FreeAgent

When you are setting up your FreeAgent, it is important that you enter all your company details correctly. See the following link for the reference. A couple of tips; Company Name This must be exactly as per the name on Companies House. Fill in your business address details This is referring to your business trading address […]

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